Wednesday, February 25, 2009

nike cooperstown "wtf?" chin music track jacket

wtf? way to piss me off so early in the f*cking morning, nike. they only make the mets version of this jacket in men's. the only women's ones they make are cubs, yankees and red sox.

oh yea, piss me off even more, the f*cking yankees? this is an obvious marketing ploy. knowing there are those stoopid chicks that are band wagon jumpers, they make available the only teams that are the most "popular" in MLB. "like the kansas city royals? like i didnt know they were like a baseball team? (*twirl of hair, twirl of hair*)

if you havent figured it out yet (genius), i am a die hard met fan and die hard yankee hater. yankees fans. do not attempt to scribe any rebuttal comments please. i will hurt you.

update: ok, fine. they make a women's version. its oogly as sin. ok, its not so oogly but its not as dope as the men's. im not even going to bother posting the picture of it because im still pissed. i shouldve just been born a dude.

another update: ok fine, they do make it in other teams besides the yanks, cubbies and sox for the chicks. whatever, at least i got my feelings out on how much i hate the yankees and stoopid band wagon jumpers. i obviously need therapy...or just meds.

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  1. Ha Ang! This is Alfredo's brother, Al (with the kid). Funny, I saw this jacket passing by the Nike store and wanted it so bad but they were closed. I did a search for a review on it via google, and it led me to your funny! Yup, I want to get it already...Anyway, saw the pics of your trip to Citi Field, and was very jealous. That suite rocked. I need to go so I can check out our brick that we bought...look for it in section 7...BTW, did you see all of the Mets stuff for auction???