Monday, February 23, 2009

marc by marc jacobs miss marc "noggin" necklace

not only have all my marc jacobs purchases single handedly help finance mj's empire, you can practically open up a museum with all the mj stuff accumulated in my itty bitty nyc closet (some with tags still on it).

to show his grattitude for my unabashful spending on his goodies, marc created this necklace, which in my mildly twisted mind is me as a wee little laddie (based on the "bowl haircut" all we asian children rocked as kids). if you're all too familiar with this horrendous hairdo we were made to rock by our overbearing asian parents (in addition to the forced piano and/or cello lessons), you'd remember the "halo" reflection on top of our jet black hair due to the ray of sunshine beating down on our yellow noggins.

right, cause we all grew up to become friggin angels, like yours truly.

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