Thursday, February 19, 2009

jack daniel's large "floating on h2o" chaser jigger

anyone who knows me knows that i know that a jack/diet coke (or switch it up w/diet dr. pepper) is the bestest cocktail in the whole wide world (no arguments, please, im a raging alcoholic).

so to make matters worse for me, they invented this lovely doo dad that makes taking shots of jack even funner. apparently the jack floats on water and stings like a bee [sorry, couldnt resist quoting ali] in this awesome contraption. god only knows how this is possible, and frankly i dont give a damn, as long as it serves its purpose and does what i say.

ps: they make a smaller version for you sissy non-alcoholics.
pps: hysterical, that im getting "carded" at 9:00am EST to enter the jack daniel's website. good thing my computer cant serve alcohol, cause then it will be a long day.

update: the link below bloows as they apparently have a stoopid bouncer guarding the site. once you get past the 300lbs ex-linebacker beefcake, you can find this bloody thing under "bar accessories." if you're under 21, too bad. you shouldnt be reading this blog anyways.

click for more info: jack daniel's chaser jigger

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