Wednesday, February 18, 2009


out of boredom at work and my ridiculous obsession with shopping, comes this addition to the google search world.

as i get paid to read celebrity gossip and play with my blackberry everyday, why not also post to the world what swell things i find while shopping online? this, my contribution to society and the human race. hope now i can go to heaven for this, as i was already on the fast track to hell.

in conclusion, must give props to oprah, as this is probably a rip off of her "favorite things" show, but sh!t if i can't be rich like oprah, why not bite off her ideas? enjoy people. (just dont blame me if your debt doubles after entering this site.)

ps: i may also add my two cents into issues of the world or just new york city. please excuse the ranting at times, as i do have a slight anger management problem.

1 comment:

  1. just checking out your blogs...really like the new photo blog, I gotta checkout that camera one of these days. Great work girl!