Tuesday, February 24, 2009

crate & barrel hamburger "feed me" press with handle

this gidgadget makes two perfect 1/2 pound burgers, sized to fit most commercial buns (hehe). so according to a country (U.S.A.) with an obesity "epidemic" they would be considered mini burgers (ie: like the ones from sh!t castle. get me a crave case!)

on a separate note, if you've recently birthed octuplets, this thing would be of no use to you. in addition to the six other rugrats you have to feed, and the food stamps you're already swindling from our god forsaken (poor) government, you have no business spending $19.95 each for one of these things (well actually you'll need seven of these, eight if you must feed your "looney angelina jolie wannabe wacko" ass).

jesus. me, for once being politically pissed? or im just f*cking hungry and need to eat.

feed me seymour.

click for more info: crate & barrel hamburger press

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