Wednesday, February 25, 2009

cartier "bling-age" collection délices necklace

so today ive decided to go global. why not start it out with a big bauble bang than with one muy expensive gem of a necklace from cartier (like no joke, abc news labeled it one of the "world's pricest jewelry.")

i have absolutely no business even typing into my internet address bar (ugh, i just got a craving for a beer). but this is what happens when you watch the oscars and it literally compells you to walk behind these celebrities with ridiculous "bling-age" in case they drop a diamond or two. i mean sh!t, one bauble could cost a million smack-a-roos, especially when you're trailing p.diddy. muff daddy. whatever the f*ck his name is.

ps: we as a society need to stop using the word bling. its so friggin played out. when you see annoying (desperate) housewives from the 'burbs using the word like they're sooo friggin "hip hop", its a sign that this verbage needs to be retired.

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